Base Community

At the heart of Base Community - a lively space where users come together to share, learn, and connect. This is where diverse perspectives meet for engaging discussions, creative collaborations, and sharing helpful insights.

Organize your community and work

Take control of your work and community life with Base's powerful organization tools. Our intuitive features help you seamlessly manage tasks, coordinate team efforts, and strengthen group connections - all in one streamlined app. Never miss a deadline or let things fall through the cracks again.

Create alignment

Community gives you and your team a unified perspective on the work you're doing. Everyone in the community can work in sync when everyone has access to the same information, and new members have full context when they join.

Work together, no matter how you work

Public Community

Our Public Community feature fosters engagement, collaboration, and the growth of vibrant digital communities, enhancing connections and shared experiences.

Private Community

Our Private Community feature offers exclusive connections and tailored interactions, ensuring secure and personalized spaces for meaningful discussions and collaboration.

Base Connect

With the innovative Base Connect feature, you can enjoy seamless collaboration and enhanced connectivity while streamlining communication and fostering teamwork within the app.